Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stuff is happening, spring is in the air.

Lots of sprouting going on. Even the dill which takes up to 14 days. I'm trying some new heirloom tomato's varieties. Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, Stupice and Gold Nugget. Just got back from another canning class at the Extension Office, this one was canning meat and veggies. Also picked up my hive boxes and will be putting them together this weekend.

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  1. Hello from Chateau Listeur. We get the Bio Dome trays from Park Seeds. They are kinda pricy - but seem to work very well. The foam grow plugs seem to transplant very well and slowly break down over the summer. We plan to try regular seed flats with planting cells filled with seedling mix and maybe grow plugs to compare. I think the secret is some way to bottom water the trays. Bottom watering seems to promote deep healthy roots. By the way... I really like your greenhouse our hoop house caved in from the snow load this winter.