Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Added benches to my greenhouse.

This weekend I got rid of the old folding tables that were my benches last summer and came up with a more permanent solution. I recycled some ceder fencing that had fallen down in the wind and cut it into 1"X2" strips and spaced it 1" apart to allow water to fall through. The ceder should last a long time and resist water damage. Got one done for one side and will get another for the other in a couple of weeks. Trying to get another couple of raised beds going and a strawberry patch.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We had salad last night.

Ate a salad last night with lettuce from our garden. The official beginning of summer is eating from the garden. Finally the end of eating salad that traveled thousands of miles and instead only traveled 50 feet. Also checked the bees this weekend and all seems well to my untrained eye, they are building up the brood and storing pollen. Picked up about 15 strawberry plants last night and hope to get them planted this weekend. The forecast for the weekend looks great.  

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trying something new

Sunday afternoon I moved some more seedlings out into the raised bed. Kale, lettuce,endive, broccoli, radichio and mustard greens. I was not sure if this was early for my area so I made sure to cover it with some left over sheeting from the greenhouse. Also I took some old dark colored wine bottles and filled them with water and hope they will act as mini solar collectors during the day and provide some heat at night. I will let you know in a future post which bottles work better, the whites or the reds wines. Also did my first hive check since last week and things look okay. I spotted the queen, though I'm not sure she was laying any eggs yet. The workers are building the comb on the foundation. So as far as my inexperience tells me everything is fine.