Friday, January 20, 2012

Global Warming my butt!

With temperatures in my area of south central Alaska at -24 degrees I'm having a hard time believing we are in the whole global warming thing. And then they tell us that we are not getting the snow we usually get because of climate change. Now we are on the verge of breaking the record for snowfall and its only January.


  1. Some people just don't understand Global Warming. Weather patterns all over the world are messed up because the atmosphere is warming up and the oceans are warmer - this causes weather patterns to shift - but the planet is warming and you can't hide that fact - no matter what is happening in your back yard. It is 60 degrees in Iowa in January and that is 30 degrees warmer than it should be - it is MUCH warmer all across the upper U.S. The Arctic ice pack is melting and our glaciers are too... A few more degrees and the Gulf stream current out in the Atlantic will stop bringing warm tropical water to Northern Europe and they will see much colder winters - all because of Global Warming.

  2. A hundred years of climate is a small sampling to make the case for global warming. I guess global warming caused by man must have made the glaciers recede forming the great lakes 10,000 years ago