Sunday, April 25, 2010

So much is about to happen.

Things are getting ready to pop. Tomato seedlings are getting to about 2 feet tall, broccoli is in need of a transplant, my wifes African violets are developing blooms and as I was walking around yesterday trying to clean up from winter I noticed the Delphiniums have green shoots already 6 inches above the mulch I put around them last fall.

Started getting the raised beds tilled and ready, mixed in some compost from some compost piles I started a few years ago. The piles are still frozen in the center but the edges are thawing and I run that through a screen to get the fine stuff. I toss the bigger chunks back into another pile that should be ready in the fall.


  1. I need to fab myself one of those compost screens, they look very useful. Your delphiniums are quite a bit taller than mine, which are still at the pinkish "new growth" phase.

    Christine in Anchorage

  2. How nice to find an Alaskan gardenblog. It seems that the spring is earlyer in your area than it is in mine. My delphinium has not showed yet.